The wedding was perfect, but look who came to play music for the first dance!

Kya and Matt had more than their share of money troubles, particularly at times when Matt was unemployed. Nevertheless, they were a happy couple and had two beautiful children. They were looking forward to finally getting married, and had begun the process of planning a large event, right down to working out the guest list. But then tragedy struck: Kya lost her mother. Not only was that devastating for her but it completely upended their wedding plans. They had to postpone the big day indefinitely.

Matt knew how much a dream wedding meant to Kya but as time passed, it looked like it just wasn’t going to happen. Grasping at straws, Matt contacted a local radio station (KIIS 1065 in Sydney, Australia) and explained his problem and how much he wanted to surprise the woman he loved with the sort of wedding she deserved.

The story evidently struck a chord with the people at the radio station, because Kya and Matt were invited to appear on “The Kyle and Jackie O Show,” a morning program hosted by Kyle Sandilands and Jacqueline Henderson (better known as Jackie O). Once they were on the air, Kya and Matt got the shock of their life: thanks to the Sydney Bridal Expo, they were going to be treated to a dream wedding, the $60,000 cost all taken care of.

It was a beautiful wedding and the bride and groom couldn’t have imagined it would get any better. But then it was time for their first dance. They’d chosen “Thinking Out Loud” by British singer / songwriter Ed Sheeran as the music and knowing this, the radio hosts had one more surprise to spring on the couple. None other than Ed Sheeran himself walked through the door to play the song for them!

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