The Whole Family Including Pets Plot Together to Surprise Army Mom

There are few bonds that can compare to a mother’s love. The feeling of longing felt by military mothers must be overwhelming for some. That’s the exact same emotion that makes each of these homecoming surprises so special. From kids to work colleagues, sisters, and sons, no one seems happier to have their young one home than mom.

A tour served in the protection of life and liberty is a service honored by all, but the respect earned doesn’t make the separation between loved ones any easier. One often thinks of kids, wife, or husband when a serving soldier comes home, but this collection shows just how much a mother misses their patriotic son or daughter.

These soldiers returning home from active deployment have each planned out a special surprise for their mom. Operation ‘Surprise Mom’ is running and ready to warm hearts in this selection of well-thought-out homecoming events—no one of the military mothers expected to see their kids yet.