The “youngest seniors quartet around” lifts the mood of frustrated passengers

It’s bad enough when your flight is delayed for maintenance — although consider that if the plane has a mechanical problem, it’s best fixed before takeoff. Worse still, is when it happens after boarding. In the terminal, you can at least walk around, stretch out, or browse magazines at the newsstand. After everyone is packed in like sardines on the plane, all you can do is sit there and wait.

Waiting out a post-boarding maintenance delay was the frustrating situation the passengers on a US Airways flight from Indianapolis to New Orleans found themselves in. Flight attendant Kari Mann chatted with some of the passengers and that’s how she discovered there was a barbershop quartet on board. Figuring it would be a way to cheer everyone up and relieve some of the boredom, Kari asked the four singers of Port City Sound if they wouldn’t mind putting on a little show.

The quartet was happy to oblige. Staying in their seats — presumably the “fasten seat belt” sign was lit — lead singer Walt Dowling, tenor Fred Moore, baritone Jim Curtis, and bass Jim Simpson launched into their interpretation of The Drifters’ 1964 classic “Under the Boardwalk.” It was a superb performance by a group with over 100 years of collective experience that calls itself “the youngest seniors quartet around.”

As Kari recalled, “It was such a great moment… The mood changed and our passengers were awesome for the whole 5 hours they were on the plane! One of my favorite moments! Thank you to Port City Sound for creating a wonderful memory!”

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