Their 9 Week Old Daughter Stopped Breathing One Night, Watch What Their Rescued Dog Did… OMG!

The Brousseau family from Portland, Conn. adopted their dog Duke from a shelter some years ago. But when they rescued him, they had no idea Duke would repay them in such a beautiful way. This incident happened in the year 2012. It was a Sunday night and everyone had gone to sleep. But suddenly Duke jumped on his parents’ bed and started shaking uncontrollably. This immediately woke them up.

The dog had never acted that way before, leading them to believe that something was wrong. They got up and went into their 9 week old daughter Harper’s room. After checking on her, they found out that she wasn’t breathing anymore. Thankfully the ambulance arrived on time to revive Harper. She was then taken to the hospital. And it’s all thanks to Duke. He has been labeled as a hero, and he rightfully deserves that title!

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