There’s a floating ‘catboat’ shelter where you can adopt a cat

In Amsterdam, some creative people found a new way to display adoptable pets. The catboat sanctuary is now the coolest way to find a new cat.

In 1968, Henriette Van Weelde purchased a Dutch sailing barge in Amsterdam. She was your average cat lover, so the actual project was much more ambitious. Instead of purchasing a barge, she created a new place for homeless cats.

She wasted no time turning the barge into a floating shelter for up to 50 cats. Over time, the people in the area began to refer to it as the Catboat sanctuary.

Henriette’s ingenuity didn’t end there, as she went the extra mile to attach safety protocols. The cats are shielded from the water but have complete freedom of movement. It’s an incredible feat to see in the video or in person.

Pet adoption at a shelter can sometimes happen in conditions that are not ideal. With the catboat sanctuary, the inhabitants are in a much better mood to see visitors.

Cats have a strong personality that is hard to ignore. They will show you love and affection when you least expect it. Henriette Van Weelde showed those same qualities to these cats, and for that, they’re eternally grateful.

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There’s a floating ‘catboat’ shelter where you can adopt a cat