There’s an adult version of the Little Tykes toy car. It’s legal and it can go up to 70 MPH!

Nostalgy is the biggest selling point for adults these days. Many toy companies are developing products under the category “Adult Collector.” This means that although they are toys, they have several features that are not intended for children to play with. For instance, the figure’s facial features are very detailed and take the collector back to their childhood days.

These action figures are usually a little bigger than their children-figure counterparts. This new adult collector category is not limited to action figures, toy cars are also made. And they include everything from Micro Machines, to Hot Wheels, to Little Tike Cars. These toy companies also manufacture promotional products like cups, watches, posters, keychains and almost anything else you can think of.

People who used to watch the cartoons and buy the action figures way back when, are now adults who have a good enough position at their jobs that they can afford these adult toys. Most of them used them to decorate their home office and give it a younger touch. So, when was the last time you saw one of these action figures?

At times, if a collector cannot get the toy he is looking for, then he must make it himself. For many people, getting their first car was a memorable experience. In my case, I still remember the day I went to get it at a used car lot. It was a Ford Taurus. I loved that car because I had gotten the version that had a leather interior. It looked a little bit luxurious, better than most of my friends’.

The very first toy car that I had was a classic Little Tykes. It was a red and yellow plastic vehicle, the ones that you ‘drive’ around like the Flintstone’s car. As an adult, this toy brings me fond memories of just “being a kid.” Do you remember that feeling? No stress, no worries, no problem. Well, if you are a fan of Little Tykes cars then you are in for a treat.

A couple of Little Tykes enthusiasts have built a wonderful thing. The two brothers, John and Geof Bitmead of the United Kingdom have recently created a street-legal version of the Little Tykes toy car for adults, complete with a working engine!

The brother’s original idea was to build a car to raise money for a charity, but they could not see that materialize because of unforeseen circumstances. Instead, they are selling the car for $32,000! Check it out, maybe you’ll be interested in getting it!