These 3 Look Like Ordinary Household Dogs. When I Learnt Their Secret? I Was In Tears!

Hope for paws is a familiar name to all dog lovers. This video shows the rescuers coming to the aid of 3 Chihuahuas that were dumped on the streets. They were shot at with BB guns and had taken refuge at a fast food drive through.

They feed the dogs and gain their trust but it can be quite difficult to get 3 dogs together in the same place. So they set a trap to lure them in. They manage to get two dogs in the trap and have to leash the third one in. They name the dogs Penny, Brooklyn and Marty. But four days after the rescue Penny died of heart failure. It’s comforting to know that she lived out her last days in love and happiness. Meanwhile Marty and Brooklyn went to their foster home with Wags and Walks.

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