These 5 Exercises Will Un-Slouch Your Back to Correct Bad Posture

Correct Your Posture With These Five Essential Stretches

Many health problems are caused by bad posture. While headaches and knots in our shoulders are the side effects, bad posture can be corrected with these simple stretches.

Many times we don’t feel when we have bad posture, but we sure do feel the effects of it. When we have constant bad posture, we get knots in our neck, headaches at the back of our head, and painful tension in our neck and shoulders.

Fortunately, we can retrain our body to use good posture by stretching the muscles at the front of our body that clench up when we round our shoulders, while simultaneously strengthening the weakened muscles in our back that spend too much time stretched and become weak.

Two of the exercises in this video require some equipment. The first thing you will need is a foam roller. The host recommends one that is 36 inches long and 6 inches in diameter. Secondly, the first exercise uses a towel. There are variations to these exercises if you don’t have a foam roller. You can instead do exercises in a doorway with the door open.

As the host mentions: “Performing these exercises regularly will help to improve your posture. In fact, many of my patients notice a significant improvement in about a month; it might be up to 3 months to see a remarkable improvement (it took your body a long time to develop poor posture; it’s going to take some time and effort to reverse this problem). You have to be diligent and consistent, but I know these can help you out.”

These 5 Exercises Will Un-Slouch Your Back to Correct Bad Posture