These Best Friends Got Separated During Their Rescue. You’ll Cry When You See What Happens Later! WOW!

Most of us are accustomed to Hope For Paws. Many of us follow their rescues and we are familiar to all the wonderful things that they have done for the animals that are in need of help. This non-profit animal rescue organization has been functioning in behalf of animals suffering in shelters or on the streets. They have executed an amazing number of beautiful rescues.

They received a call about two dogs that had been living for months on the streets. When they arrived to the scene, they noticed that one of the dogs had an injured paw. And then all of a sudden the dogs took off it different directions. The injured dog slipped into another property, but they managed to capture the other one. But by now, the injured pooch was scared and pretty far off, but somehow they got her too. They named these cute dogs Aurora and Anna.

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