These Ducks Think This Sink Filled With Water Is A Pond. What He Captures On Film? AWW!

If you’re a fan of baby animals, you’re in for a treat when you watch this adorable video.

While there are an abundance of puppy and kitten videos floating around the internet, we don’t come across cute duckling videos very often. So when we saw this person trying to teach their ducklings how to swim, we did not hesitate to share it with you.

Although ducklings have an instinct for swimming, they do get tired and can drown. And they also lack the type of feathers that allow adult ducks to dry quickly. This makes baby ducks at risk of getting sick from the cold.

“If a human is raising baby ducks, they must not allow the ducklings to swim unattended and for long periods as they could drown. The pet baby ducks will get fatigued quickly without guidance and before you know it, something tragic happens to them. So be very careful when introducing them to the water for the first time,” the video description says.

Because this YouTuber is raising ducks in their home, they decided to introduce the animals to swimming gradually. That’s why they filled the sink up and let them swim. And of course they kept the camera running.

After the ducks are done swimming, the owner takes them out of the makeshift pond and dries them off with a towel.

If you’re like me, you want to go out and get a duckling for yourself after watching this video. But like any pet, ducklings take a lot of care and should only be added to your family if you’re ready for the commitment.

“It is also recommended to raise pet ducks in pairs since they need that bond to be as happy as possible. It could be considered cruel to raise just one duck by itself,” the uploaded wrote in the video description.

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