These otters and their shenanigans…

If you don’t watch anything else today, you won’t miss much as this clip provides all the entertainment you need.

At some point, one otter stares at the camera, either grimacing or astonished that someone is recording their shenanigans. It is a joy watching their reactions.

Writhing and grappling in the ice-bucket, they seem quite at home, almost like they have always called this place home. Perhaps the ice froze every worry they have of displacement.

These indeed are the new-age three musketeers. Watching their total unconcern for anything other than capitalizing on the ice is one aspect that will have you re-watching the clip.

A few elements to this video make for absolute enjoyment; one is the tussling, the other is when one decides to crunch a mouthful of ice.

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These otters and their shenanigans…