These Soldiers Fed 3 Stray Dogs, Not Knowing These Pooches Will Later Save Their Lives.

Sgt Chris Duke and his fellow soldiers find solace in the companionship of three sweet, stray dogs while serving in Afghanistan. These soldiers had no idea that their sense of loyalty in these dogs that would eventually save the soldiers’ lives.

In the dark of night, a suicide bomber infiltrated Sgt Duke’s camp with the mission to blow up the barracks in a suicide bombing. The three dogs, Sasha, Rufus, and Target were alerted to the intruder and refused to let him pass while barking to alert the soldiers there was danger lurking. The suicide bomber and his mission was thwarted by the dogs, and his bomb detonated outside of the barracks, saving the lives of the 50 soldiers inside. Sgt. Duke feels that he owes his life to Sasha Rufus and Target.

Sadly, Sasha was so severely injured that she had to be put down. Rufus and Target were eventually nursed back to health. Sgt Duke was transferred back home to the states a month later, but hated having to leave Rufus and Target behind to fend for themselves, which caused him to worry quite a bit. His fear was that the next unit that moved in wouldn’t want stray dogs hanging around and would chase them off. Sgt Duke felt that these dog heroes deserved so much better, so he began efforts to rescue the furry heroes that had saved his life. He started by writing a letter to Hope For the Warriors, a veteran’s assistance group, and explained that these dogs were responsible for saving his life, and requested help in bringing them stateside so he could offer them the best life possible. Robin Kelleher, the Hope For the Warriors President, says that this is the first request received like this before, but that she knew immediately how obligated Sgt Duke felt to rescue these dogs. A Facebook page then went up to seek support and donations from the public, with $21,000 was raised that would allow for Rufus and Target to make the long journey from Afghanistan to their new home in the United States.

Watch the video below for the beautifully heart-warming moment when Target and Rufus finally get to see Sgt Duke for the first time after being separated; it’s a moment you simply can’t miss.

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