These Two Kittens Will Have You Saying “Awwww” In Two Seconds!

Two little kittens, both sleeping on their backs, one on top of the other, are the cutest thing you’ll see all day guaranteed. The two kittens are resting on top of their owner’s legs sleeping like angels.

The owner can’t help herself and starts playing with the one on top, moving her little fluffy legs and arms as if she was a doll. It is so adorable! And while all of this is happening the kitty at the bottom is sleeping peacefully.

The two kittens barely move and sleep like angels the whole time. You just can’t help yourself from loving those two and wishing you could run your finger up and down their bellies!

WATCH the video below. Then let us know what you think! We love hearing from you. It really makes our day and we appreciate your thoughts!

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