They Didn’t Believe When She Told What Her Baby And Dog Did Together. So She Showed Them This! WOW!

Dogs are well known as energetic and enthusiastic animals. They are just so excited to be around us that they will run and jump and play all day. Their incredible energy can be a great source of laughter and happiness. As shown in this video.

This energetic dog does everything she can to make her little human happy. Pumpkin loves babies. She wants to see them happy and she’ll do whatever she has to do to make that a reality. In this video she’s bouncing around playing tag with the baby.

From the sound of the baby’s giggles, we can assume that the baby quite enjoys the show. Much like the baby I quite enjoyed seeing Pumpkin jump around and be so excited. It’s great to see the beginnings of a lifelong friendship between the baby and this dog.

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