They Didn’t Believe When She Told What Her Baby And Dog Did Together. So She Showed Them This! WOW!

Dogs are always energetic. They are enthusiastic from the dawn till dusk. Sometimes they use this energy to taunt their owners, while sometimes to make them laugh hard. In this particular video, this energetic dog gives her all to make her little owner happy.

Pumpkin loves human babies. She wants to keep them happy. That is why in this video, she gets a lot bouncy to make this little fellow laugh. It looks as if she is playing tag with the baby.

I was not able to hold back my smile while watching this video. Every time she makes a movement, this baby laughs as hard as he can. And every time he laughs Pumpkin gets more and more excited. She stops time to time to watch the baby’s reaction as well, which I think is very adorable.

Watch Pumpkin the energetic dog spreading smiles in the video. Let us know what you think in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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