They Heard A Foal Crying For His Mother, When They Followed The Sound? OMG!

Is very rare to see wild horses running around. But in some parts of the world it is still relatively common. It is incredible to see them in the wild but there is one significant downside. Free animals don’t get any help if they become injured or sick.

In this video you will witness heroes of the RSPCA(Royal Society of Preservation of Cruelty to Animals) UK. This is the oldest welfare charity in the world. In this video they stumbled across a gorgeous white mare and her young foal. Mum’s leg had got caught in her own mane and she was unable to stand.

It took a bit of work but mother horse was eventually freed from her predicament and her and foal remain happy. It’s amazing to see how excitable the foal is when the rescuers come to provide some help.

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