They Introduce This Baby Chick To Their Dog. How She Reacts? PRICELESS!

If you’ve been lucky enough to share your home with a pit bull, though, you know firsthand that some of the assumptions made about this breed are wrong. Some pits are the biggest, cuddliest babies around, while others are afraid of their own shadow! Mina joins the ranks of these non-stereotypical pit bulls when she meets the newest family member.

Mina’s family introduces her to a delicate little baby chick named Salt&Peppa, and the big dog’s reaction is incredible! Those who don’t know better might expect Mina to lunge or bark at the fluffy little chick and send it scurrying away. Instead, Mina has a very different response to suddenly meeting this strange new family member.

If you’re a little nervous about how things go, don’t worry! Mina and Salt&Peppa’s family lets you know right away that neither of their beloved pets was harmed during this video. In fact, after this initial awkward meeting, the two have really hit it off and are great friends!

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