They Saved This Baby Koala, But They Were Faced With A Difficult Choice In Order For Him To Survive!

Imogen the koala is an incredible animal who has been forced to endure a difficult choice. She was born at the Symbio Wildlife Park. She has a caring mother who has looked after her since birth. But unfortunately another, much younger, koala was orphaned. And the zookeepers had to make a difficult decision.

Their best chance at keeping all of the koalas alive was to hand rear Imogen, and let Imogen’s mother foster young baby Harry. This was a difficult choice, because by hand rearing there was a decreased risk to Imogen. As well as a risk of rejection from Imogen’s mother towards Harry.

Luckily everything worked out for the best, Imogen and Harry are both happy and healthy. Watch this video to see Imogen’s daily routine around this wildlife Park.

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