They Went Through Hell Together And Were Separated. But When They Are Reunited? I’M CRYING!

You’ve seen unusual friendship videos before, but you’ve never seen something like this! A goat and a donkey were friends that spent a miserable life together but got separated when they were rescued.

Mr G, a goat, and Jellybean, a donkey, lived together in miserable filth. They were rescued and taken to shelters, but separated by their saviours. Mr G was taken in by the farm sanctuary Animal Place while Jellybean was taken elsewhere.

The rescuers of Animal Place quickly started noticing that something was wrong with Mr G. He had stopped eating and had started sitting depressed and alone. They soon realized that he was missing his brother and was feeling lonely without him. So they planned to reunite them.

Watch how these two brothers react when they get reunited. Did this move you? Tell us in the comments.

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