Couple ‘Irish Dances’ Across Stage, Brings Entire Stadium to Their Feet

This is amazing! I’m looking into trying Irish step and I’m definitely a bit old to be starting now but I’d love to try and if I like it, maybe I could become this good one day!

Let’s set the history of this clip up properly: Years ago a famous author said in a novel that for all their interest in music, Ireland had not made any momentous contributions to music on the world stage. There were a couple of quirky big-name singers and that’s about it, Ireland has not a single significant music composer. That was before Riverdance took traditional Irish music to more than 400 major performing arts theaters throughout the world with more than 25 million tickets sold.

This video of a scene from the 2009 production of Riverdance alone has gotten more than 27 million views on YouTube! It stars Irish Dance champion Alan Kenefick in the lead male dancer role and reality show Celebrity Jigs ‘n’ Reels winner Nicola Byrne in the lead female dancer role.

The clip was their performance of the year! You could watch it many times in a row and still wouldn’t fail to be amazed by it. The Irish grew up kicking a soccer ball but no one is supposed to kick and click like this haha! Seriously, this is winning new fans to Riverdance and you’ll soon see why.

As one fan put it, “As a true and tried metal head, I love watching Irish dance, as it fits so well with the music, and keeps my attention all the way through. Not to mention, the dancers are quite the attractive bunch. I said that in a polite way in case any youngins are watching.”

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Alan Kenefick was in his element at his feisty best that night. And when they danced in a group of 18? Watch their feet – they are impossibly perfectly synchronized. This is beyond beautiful. As another fan said after the performance, “Spectacular, artistic, rhythmic, athletic and almost other-worldly cultural – surely the Irish defines us all. I agree. If this doesn’t touch you, you’ve got no Irish in your spirit.

It’ll make you want to learn Irish step dance like it’s the key to the universe. Watch and learn!

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Couple \'Irish Dances\' Across Stage, Brings Entire Stadium to Their Feet