Things we did back in the day that are now BANNED by society

A recently shared video by an online user, “Recollection Road,” has garnered a lot of positive feedback from netizens. The clip showcases several things that were once acceptable in society but are now considered taboo due to safety concerns.

Wearing seatbelts has been mandatory for decades, but no one used to follow them in the past. It was common for people to get inside their car and not even consider strapping it. However, wearing seatbelts has become mandatory today, with only New Hampshire allowing drivers to forgo wearing them.

Smoking was once a common habit, with people being able to light up in public places like restaurants and airplanes. Soon, laws were put into place to limit smoking in public areas. These laws have reduced passive smoking & even reduced smoking in general. In addition, heavy tobacco taxes also helped reduce smoking in society.

Bike helmets have been around for a long time, but it took a long time to catch on. Until the late 90s, children could ride their bikes around neighborhoods without head protection. But the risk of injuries became a more significant societal concern. So today, wearing a helmet while riding a bike is common. And is seen as just another essential safety measure.

Punishment like spanking kids was once the primary form of discipline for many families. However, it has become taboo because of the fear of a child’s well-being. Timeouts and taking away privileges are now considered safer and more effective forms of discipline. For example, kids waiting in the car while mom and dad ran errands was a common sight back then. Lately, this practice has been frowned upon. Some states have laws prohibiting parents from leaving their children in the car alone.

Packing a peanut butter sandwich for your lunch just a few decades ago was a great idea. But with the rise in allergies, they have been banned in most schools and airlines. Baby products like cribs have also been scrutinized, with safety regulations being updated regularly to ensure the well-being of our little ones.

The video clip also covers the ban on three-wheeled ATVs, silicone breast implants, lawn darts, and the use of mercury in everyday products like thermometers and light switches. It is fascinating to see how safety concerns have influenced people’s choices and actions.

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Things we did back in the day that are now BANNED by society