Things We Had in Every 70s Kitchen

Remember the groovy days of the 1970s when kitchens were a kaleidoscope of colors and textures? Ah, the good old days, am I right? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the iconic objects that made every 1970s kitchen truly far out.

First off, who could forget the bright and bold floral wallpaper that graced the walls of our beloved kitchens? It seems like just yesterday, and we were picking out the perfect pattern to make our kitchen feel like a custom work of art. And let’s not forget about the patterned linoleum flooring – the ultimate in durability and easy cleaning. It was the go-to choice for busy working moms everywhere.

Remember when rattan furniture made its way into our kitchens? The natural, textured look of rattan and wicker chairs blended perfectly with the funky macramé wall decor that was so popular back then. And speaking of walls, who could forget those interior shutters for the kitchen pass-through? Talk about a blast from the past!

The 1970s also saw a resurgence of colonial accents in the kitchen. We proudly displayed symbols of America, like metal bald eagles, on our cabinets and walls. And how about those vinyl tablecloths? So easy to clean and available in a variety of designs to match our eclectic kitchen tastes.

Fondue sets and crock pots were the ultimate party starters, making any gathering instantly more fun and delicious. And who can forget the trusty electric knife? Thanksgiving turkey cutting has always been different!

One of my favorite memories is the mushroom craze that swept through our kitchens. Those charming illustrated designs found their way onto practically everything, from cookware to kitchen towels.

Finally, houseplants like pothos, spider plants, and ferns added a touch of nature to our kitchens, draping down to complement the natural wood finishes that were so popular at the time.

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Things We Had in Every 70s Kitchen