Things You Didn’t Know About the 50’s

You may remember some of the events in 1950, but you may have been a baby or not have been born yet. The years of the 50s brought many changes, but life in middle America was easy.

Each year of the 50s brought about 4 million babies into the world. Records were set because there had never been so many babies born in a year before.
Can you guess what the most popular names for boys and girls were? If you said James and Mary, you were right.

A house would cost you around $7,000 in 1950. There was not much space in these houses, but people had fewer things and didn’t need room for extra-large appliances and furniture.

Many households in America had TVs by 1951, the year that I Love Lucy premiered. Half of the households in the country that had TVs watched this show. You might remember days watching this show while eating a TV Dinner.

Technology was about to move forward because both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born in 1955. The Wizard of Oz was first shown on TV in 1956, and you might have warm memories about Dorothy and her friends singing as they skipped along.

The first mall opened this year and it is still open even though many malls have closed. You could buy a Hula Hoop at the mall. By the end of the decade, 100 million Hula Hoops were sold.

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Things You Didn’t Know About the 50’s