Things you won’t find on the internet

Priceless things you won’t find on the internet

The video explains that you can buy almost anything on eBay and Amazon; toys, games, books, and more from any era. The man narrating has found a vintage rotary phone.

He shows pictures of an Aurora creature model from 1963, a classic metal lunchbox, a 1950s movie poster, a toy he remembers fondly, and a lot of 12-cent comics.

But there are some things he hasn’t found, and he doesn’t think he ever will. Such as the joy of Christmas morning, his mom’s home-cooked meals, and getting jollies at the kissing booth.

Priceless things you won’t find on the internet

He starts to list other things from his past: Burger chef milkshake, Howard Johnson fried clams, the feeling of hitting a baseball with a wooden bat, bike rides with his neighborhood pals, and the thrill of watching color tv at granny’s house.

There used to be houses for under $10,000, and cars for under $4000. He also wants a date with Edna, who he shows a picture of, and he misses his friend Steve who passed away.

The smell of dad’s campfire breakfast, and his dad’s laugh, he sorely misses, along with his dog Smutt.

Being young was great for him, the smell of lockers on the first day of school, and the delicious school lunches. He misses the America he was born into.

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