If You Think Bunnies Are Cute, Wait Till You See How Cute When They’re Little, OMG!

There is a saying that goes, Holding a baby bunny at 5 days of age is the most softest and precious moment ever. If you have any doubts at all, this video will dispel them and convince you of its truism.

First of all, can you feel the miracle of life and the sanctity of creation? When I watched these baby bunnies, I felt myself swelling up. Yes, feeling full as if filled with love, which is much better and a way more satisfying and touching feeling than having a full stomach.

Did you know that newborn bunnies at 5 days old are still in a dreamlike state? Look at them! So vulnerable, and for that reason, doubly precious and adorable. The soft coat of fur has just sprouted and it’s such a calming thing to look at. Check it out in this video.

There are several general species of rabbits. They are native in every continent except Australia. Over 50% of the world’s rabbit population can be found in North America. Why is that? Despite having the highest number of hunters with guns, people simply do not hunt rabbits here. They are simply too cute for that. Hares, yes, but rabbits? Never!

It helps that rabbits are not rodents, so they don’t carry diseases like rodents. They are also way more peaceful than the friendliest rodents. The hippies of the 60s are known to worship rabbits as the perfect embodiment of their vision of peace. Remember the famous slogan: Make love, not war? That’s exactly what rabbits prefer to do all day.

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