This Abused Dog Tried To Escape Thrice And Failed. Watch What Happens Next!

Physical abuse is the most common ailment we usually associate with dogs. A wayward and violent owner, or some black hearted bully, who derives pleasure from the senseless beating of a puppy.

But, like humans, there are all sorts of abuses. Humanity has a great capacity for mistreating not only one another, but those weaker and smaller than themselves.

Neglect, lack of attention, absolute ignorance of the other’s well-being is a deep psychological torment that may plague one’s life. The constant waves of disdain that may wash over a dog’s psyche, from an ill considerate owner, can ultimately end up drowning this pooch’s soul.

Emerson suffered such treatment at the hands of his master. Already having tried to run away from the dark void of despair, that was his life, this white haired dog, would constantly return; trapped in the endless cycle of abuse.

After his final gamble for freedom, his owner decided to leave him off in an animal shelter. Suffering from malnutrition, emotional trauma and an amputated leg, Emmerson has had no other choice but to cope with his circumstance.

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