This Bass In This Acapella Mashup of ‘Twenty One Pilots’ is Absolutely Insane

The acapella superstars’ VoicePlay’ and renowned video editor Kurt Hugo Schneider have collaborated to create a ‘TWENTY ØNE PILØTS’ mashup of all your favorite tracks. From the moment that you hear them start ‘Heathens,’ you’ll be hooked. You can look forward to a combination ‘Heathens,’ & ‘Ride’ & ‘Stressed Out’ unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

‘VoicePlay’s’ mashup & music overall is so good that fans often jokingly question whether they’re not actually all robots. When you hear the opening note, you’ll be convinced there’s an instrumental backing, but this is vocal talent only. The sheer quality of this group fool’s many a newcomer to their music. You can look forward to songs like

With harmonics and subharmonics that’ll leave even the most devoted artist in awe of their range, ‘VoicePlay’ delivers the definitive ‘TWENTY ØNE PILØTS’ mashup. It’s a selection of songs that are not only perfectly arranged for acapella, but a great tribute to the original tracks as well.

This Bass In This Acapella Mashup of \'Twenty One Pilots\' is Absolutely Insane