This brave turtle chases lions away from the water

This brave turtle is unstoppable in chasing lions away from his pond. He literally intimidates them while they’re drinking.

To some, they believed that being brave requires having a large physique or amazing intimidating bodies. However, that’s not the case for this small turtle in the waterhole.

The moment he finds out that these lions are drinking from his territory, he immediately presses on towards them and tries his luck by distracting them.

This young pal didn’t lose hope as he tries to shove them away consecutively. Not long after, the lion acknowledges his presence and feels the sudden intimidation.

The lions back off from the water and decide to move elsewhere. This shows that this turtle’s perseverance and determination pay off as he successfully chases the lions away.

This courageous turtle teaches us that no matter how big our problem is, don’t give up, press on, and persevere because everything will pay if we don’t stop.

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This brave turtle chases lions away from the water