This Bulldog Won’t Give Up His Box. What Happens Next? LOL!

Have you ever wanted something so much, you’d be willing to bang your head against a wall to have it? Sometimes, our fixation on some object or prize can be so strong, that we put aside all rational thought to obtain it. And we often pay a heavy price for it. But the heart wants what it wants, and dogs are no exception to that rule. In this video, we meet a hilarious little character that just has to have his object of choice, no matter what the consequences may be!

This little guy, Diesel, has his Bulldog-heart set on the most random prize: the lid to a cardboard box. And neither wall, nor car, nor tree will tear it from his snout!

Parents will recognize this phenomenon. Diesel probably has a house full of chew toys provided by his affectionate human. But like every toddler who came before him, Diesel is determined to play with the box!

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