This Cat Has Got The Magic Touch. Watch This Motherly Cat Puts A Crying Baby To Sleep!

So apparently, just as there are cat and dog whisperers, there are also baby whisperers, and Stewie, the cat, is one of them! Watch Stewie working his magic in this incredible video!

Finally, once Connar has quieted down completely, Stewie looks at the camera with a look saying “Ok, baby’s calm for now, don’t wake him up again. GET IT?!”

He then takes his paw away from Connar in what must have been a sense of relief. Has your cat ever done something similar? Let us know below and don’t’ forget to share with your friends.

Isn’t Stewie a natural? Connar started crying and Stewie was having none of it. He immediately puts his paw on Connar’s head to quiet him down.

I guess Stewie has gotten tired of all the crying as well. After a couple of seconds, Connar stops crying and starts drowsing off. But Connar is still not exactly still, with his legs and arms flailing, so Stewie keeps his paw on Connar’s head.

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