This Death-Defying Ballerina Is ‘Terrifying and Brilliant’ Proclaims Simon Cowell

Watch Marina Mazepa’s Death-Defying Contortionist Dance Routine That’ll Have You in Awe of Her Art

This classically trained dancer may come from a background in ballet, but her ability to perform as a contortionist is what sets her apart. Marina Mazepa wows the judges, putting Simon Cowell in a rather awkward spot which doesn’t diminish his enjoyment of her art one bit.

Marina set out to surprise the judges and certainly reaped the reaction she was looking for, especially if you consider the look on their faces toward the end. Watch this contortionist dancer put forward one of the strongest acts of its kind in ‘AGT’ history.

From the moment that Marina started her performance atop a pole, it was clear that this was going to be something very different. Every part of her act was thoughtfully integrated, while the moves themselves left everyone on the edge of their seat thanks to the danger-factor.

As the performance was reaching its peak, Marina’s graceful dance led her to the judges’ table where she got up close with Simon before retreating as the track hit its break, contorting and flipping back to the stage to end her surreal show.

I don’t know the definition of art, but I know art when I see it, and that really was art,” said guest judge Jay Leno. Julianne Hough felt the same, saying “you have to be creative and innovative and the original and you’re all of those things and more.,”

“Well, you’re terrifying Marina but in a kind of a brilliant way” said Simon with pride, later continuing “this is very cool, very current, and this is going to be the hardest I’ve ever had to make to decide the seven acts who are going to go through because you have to be a contender.”

Watch Marina Mazepa dance and contort her body in one of the most dangerous but electrifying pole shows you’ll ever see.

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BEHIND THE SCENES JUDGE CUTS AMERICA’S GOT TALENT These pieces of video are taken from a general rehearsal a couple hours before the actual performance!! ???????????? MORE BTS moments in my stories TODAY and saved to the highlights ‘BTS JUDGE CUTS’!!! – Did you notice that the music is DIFFERENT? I was surprised to hear a different track last Tuesday. – How do you like my outfit????????????? This crazy costume was made by @electricyoga in two weeks!???????? we were stitching all the pieces together at the last minute! THANK YOU SOO much @electricyoga @stephanie_eisenberg – A special thank you to @thepoleitaly company that shipped this very special and unique pole to me from Italy at the LAST week before my performance, the act wouldn’t have been made without this pole!???????????? ❤️❤️ Mua&hair by @cyncerlymoney; @michaelvincentacademy ❤️???????? ???? #marinamazepa #marinamazepajudgecuts #mazepa #agt #agtjudgecuts #agtbts #contortionist #dancer #model #crazyvideo #flexible #flexibility #flexiblegirls #stretching #stretchy

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You won’t find a dance routine like this anywhere else. It was developed by Marina in accordance with her own unique style and personality.

Would you like to start learning the skills and art of a contortionist? Simply follow Marina’s guidance on social media, but if there is anything that’s certain, it’s that this must be far harder than she makes it look.

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This trick blew every mind during my @agt performance! Many girls started to send me videos, trying to repeat it with small mistakes, so I decided to make a video for you with highlights within the video and all the detailed info below!???????? This trick is NOT FOR THE BEGINNERS????????‍♀️!! Dancers, contortionists, people who are familiar with flexibility and stretching techniques????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️!! GO FOR IT! Tag me in your training videos with the hashtag #learnwithmazepa ! – Start from a stance wider than your shoulder width with your pelvis slightly tucked! – 1. Chicken pose ????:Use your upper back muscles to lift your chest up and forward! – 2. Drop your head: imagine that you have an invisible cable on the top of your head (like an antenna ????????) and someone is pulling you down, keep lifting your chest and keep your pelvis tucked! – 3. Keep your arms on your thighs, slowly slide them down as you roll down. – 4. Slowly roll down, keep tucking your tailbone, start bending your knees! – 5. Bend your knees slightly towards each other, use your HAMSTRINGS and BUTT muscles to support your weight, and try to avoid using your quads!! – 6. Feet position is very IMPORTANT! Push on the insides of your feet, keep pulling your hips up, squeeze your butt, and keep arms on the thighs! – 7. The top of your head touches the floor! Keep looking down. – 8. Keep tucking your tailbone while you are gradually sliding down on the floor (head, shoulders and back). Don’t move your feet, push into the floor! – 9. SLIDING UP: push on the insides of your feet, hips up (use your hamstrings and glutes), start bending your knees slightly towards each other, mostly slide on your head. – 10. ROLL UP: IMPORTANT to keep your arms on the thighs and push into your thighs! Hips forward, engage your hamstrings. Gradually start to unroll your body (knees, hips, lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck) – CONGRATULATIONS ????????????????YOU DID IT! ???? Wearing @avomuse <-!???????????????? ???? #backbend #bendy #waterfallbackbend #bendyback #bendygirl #bendytips #bendybridge #flexebility #flexible #flexiblegirls #flexiblepeople #stretching #stretchingtips #stretchy #agt #marinamazepa #mazepa #model #flexiblemodel

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No matter what happens in the ‘AGT’ competition, Marina has been discovered, and we’re sure to see much more from this performer. Keep an eye on her social media feed – this is a dancer who is going places.

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PLEASE READ, IMPORTANT! WHAT I THINK ABOUT MY PERFORMANCE! LINK IN BIO!???? THIS PERFORMANCE meant a lot to me —> Thanks to @agt team for creating all the huge and amazing production around me, they did incredibly hard work! I got the scorpion-structure, and the dancers the day before the show to make it look HUGE for the live performance! I spent 5 hours to change my entire routine, due to the platform, learning how to climb off of it, interacting with the dancers and putting all of those elements together! My body was exhausted, sore and destroyed, I had only one chance to run the act through from the beginning to the end before the live performance! It was more mentally stressful than painful, but I DID MY BEST!! I learned nunchucks over three months for this act! I’LL POST THE ORIGINAL NUNCHUCKS ROUTINE LATER! I think due to the limited time for rehearsals, the cameras were flying all around the stage missing important tricks and cool moments! I WAS SHOCKED to hear Simon’s response! BUT, it didn’t faze me! IT MADE ME MORE POWERFUL, STRONGER and ANGRIER. I wish the cameras caught the look I threw at him????????????!!! Did YOU like the music???? – One more important thing—-> IF THE THOUGHT ABOUT YOUR DREAM MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE IT’S IMPOSSIBLE … YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT PATH!!!!????????❤️ The Results Show is TONIGHT! We’ll find out who passed to the SEMIFINALS! No one knows what’s going to happen! If I passed through, I would love to show you the other side of Marina – THE REAL MARINA! ???? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! Watch the Result show tonight! @nbc

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This Death-Defying Ballerina Is \'Terrifying and Brilliant\' Proclaims Simon Cowell