This Disabled Puppy Finally Gets Her Own Set Of Wheels. Her Reaction? I Can’t Stop Crying!

It’s a sad fact that a lot of animals are abandoned each year. It can be truly heartbreaking to see the result of them having to live in such difficult conditions. But there are amazing people out there who get involved and take on these poor creatures to make their lives better.

Jene found a strange box on the side of the road and he went to investigate. Other people had been there before him and seen what was in the box, but had just simply walked away. When Jene saw what was in the box, he couldn’t just leave.

Inside the box was a tiny Chihuahua puppy. The poor little puppy was scared and had been born without front legs. Jene picked up the box and took the little puppy to the San Francisco SPCA. Daffodil, as they named the puppy, has finally been adopted into a loving home. They even gave her this adorable set of wheels.

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