This DIY Off-Grid Tiny House Was Made For Couples – Take A Peek Inside

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“Many couples decide to make a life change after their children have all grown up and left the house. They look forward to the “empty nest” time in their lives, where they once again have a bit more freedom. Some decide to make a career change, while other decide to buy an rv and live on the road.

Recent empty-nesters Kev and Jan decided to do something a little bit different than the normal life changes. Together they constructed what’s known as a “tiny house” out in the Australian countryside. They agreed that living completely off-the-grid in a tiny house would be a great way to free up income and live a simpler life. The added freedom would allow them to travel more and truly enjoy life at a slower pace.

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Kev and Jan took on this huge project of building their new home themselves. Since neither one of them had any prior experience in construction, they had to learn the hard way with quite a few things. Even though the house was tiny in square footage, the challenges were huge for the couple. It pushed them to their limits but also taught them that together they could accomplish anything they set their minds to.

They made sure the design of their tiny home included plenty of space for entertaining when family and friends visited. Currently, they are putting the finishing touches on a large, covered deck next to the house. It will provide quite a bit of additional outdoor living space, allowing them to be outside more and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful surroundings.

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Designed to be completely self-sufficient and off-the-grid, the home doesn’t need any utilities or other services to function. Power and energy are supplied by solar panels on the roof and a large battery storage system. It’s also equipped with a large water collection system that utilizes rain water for use inside. Once inside, any water that is used gets used again outside for another purpose – whether for watering the garden or simply washing the deck. Nothing goes to waste.

Despite only being ten-feet wide, the home feels very spacious and open. Their home includes a large living space with sliding doors to allow a panoramic view of the countryside, a kitchen, a sleeping loft, and a very beautiful bathroom.

This is indeed a gorgeous off-the-grid tiny home. Kev and Jan have only lived in their new space a few weeks, but they’re already planning small tweaks and improvements to further enjoy this new, more carefree lifestyle.”

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This DIY Off-Grid Tiny House Was Made For Couples – Take A Peek Inside