This Dog Couldn’t Resist Joining His Owner For A Bath. By The End, I Was Laughing Hysterically.

To your dog, a bath doesn’t equate to getting all beautified; it means having the worst time of his life. His fear isn’t completely irrational: Water’s scary, not to mention being suds up and groped. Your canine friend thinks baths are for the birds. Whatever reason your pup has for fearing the bath, you can alleviate those fears and make bath time fun time — or at least something he tolerates. Positive reinforcement is the tool of choice.

Keenan in this video noticed his human was having a lovely relaxing time in her bath and he got awful curious. It is adorable to watch this dog and his fascination for bubble bath. Otherwise it is usual to pull and drag them for a bathe.

Watching him take a big old leap of faith had me giggling all the way! Who else has an adventurous pup like this? Let us know what you think in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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