This Dog Does The Rounds At This Nursing Home Every Day. When I Found Out Why, I Was Moved!

Nala the teacup poodle has a routine every day. She goes around this nursing home and sees each one of the patients and gives them some of her love. Somehow she seems to know which of the patients need her affections the most and they tend to get the most amount of time.

She belongs to Dr Doug Dawson who works at the nursing home. One day Dr Doug brought in Nala and immediately saw how much of a benefit the dog is to the residents. This dog has brightened the life of so many people who need it the most.

She spends most of her day taking turns sitting on patient’s laps. She can even ride the elevator up and down floors when she needs to. Although she was never trained as a therapy dog it is easy to see from this example that dogs don’t need to be trained in empathy.

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