This Dog Gets Nervous During Car Rides. Watch What He Does To Soothe Himself!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re feeling a little anxious and you just need someone to hold your hand and help get you through it? For some people, driving in a car can make them feel pretty uncomfortable. Feeling nervous during car rides can be especially difficult to handle for those individuals who rely on driving or public transportation on a regular basis.

Luckily for Tommy the Cocker Spaniel, his dad is always there when he needs him. Like some, this nervous pup doesn’t always enjoy car rides very much. Initially, Tommy’s owner, Adam, tried to have him sit in the back seat of the car, but this poor dog would just bark and cry the entire time.

Adam found that his dog was a lot calmer in the front seat, but still required a bit of comforting. As soon as the car begins moving, Tommy immediately begins pawing at his owner’s hand until he holds onto his paw. I don’t think we’ve seen anything cuter than this! Every time Adam lets go, his dog continues to nudge him until they’re able to hold hands again.

This little guy is going to break your heart! We’d love to hold hands with Tommy any time he wanted! The love that this pair has for one another and this pup’s need to be comforted by his best friend is sure to be the sweetest thing you see today!

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