This dog hasn’t seen his best friend in years – then they come face to face

While dogs have amazing relationships with their humans, they can also have amazing relationships with each other too, and we’ve seen many adorable clips down the years of dogs becoming besties with other dogs, playing together in the garden, running amok through the house or tearing around the local park with wild, careless abandon. They can form an inseparable friendship that lasts a lifetime.

When your best mate moved away when you’re a kid, it was a pretty harrowing time. You weren’t sure if you’ll ever see them again, how long they were going away for or even why they had to leave. Most likely we’ve all been there and had this experience. It’s a dark day indeed – and our four-legged friends can go through exactly the same emotions!

Laika and Rook here are prime examples. Best friends when they were pups, they were separated when their humans needed part ways for a short time. But lots can change in a few years, and both pups grew to be fully grown adult versions of their former, younger selves. As time wore on, would they ever meet again? Would they recognise each other if they did? Would they hold a grudge that they left each other at such an important time of their lives?!

Just like us humans, they would feel the same sense of loss and heartbreak as we do when our best friends move away. And just like us humans, when reunited they go totally crazy when meeting their friends again! And that’s exactly what happened with Laika and Rook!

The first half of the footage focuses on the pair meeting for the first time, and right from the get-go, it was clear they had an amazing bond. They must have been gutted when they had to part, but fast-forward a few years later and their emotions have come full circle! In the second half of the video, we get to watch them being reunited again – and it’s every bit as amazing as you would expect!

Laika and Rook instantly recognise each other – which is amazing considering how long they’ve been apart, but it seems they pick up right where they left off and throw themselves headfirst back into their incredible friendship! Watch this heart-warming video below and share with your friends an family – especially if you know what it’s like when a friend moves away!