This Dog Hears His Favorite Song Play on The Radio. how He Responds? You’ve Got to See This!

You’ve probably all heard of the expression “Music to my ears”. It has nothing to do with music per se, it’s that moment when you hear someone say something you really like the sound of, such as your partner saying “Let’s have a break from cooking tonight and we’ll go out for a meal instead.” Clearly the dog in this hilarious video has also heard the expression, but has decided to take it more literally!

Perhaps I was having a slow day when I began watching this, but I didn’t twig until after a few seconds that maybe the dog wasn’t acting alone here. I then laughed as much as my own stupidity as I did at the dog.

I have to hand it to Jaxson Rose for such an ingenious and incredibly funny concept behind the video – I can’t remember the last time I saw something so original and a video that had me laughing right up until the end, and beyond. And I’ll say this: That dog is very well behaved. Good boy.

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