This Dog Is Just Not Ready To Move From The Floor. When You Find Out Why, You’ll Be In HYSTERICS! LOL!

Humans have domesticated so many animals. Dogs and cats are common pets, but people keep snakes, guinea pigs, tarantulas, ferrets, and all manner of other pets. With all these pets we sometimes forget that their heritage is that of wild animals.

Depending on the level of domestication the call of the wild can be strong or weak. In this video we meet a Siberian husky who loves his freedom. His instincts tell him that he should be out in the forests hunting game rather than confined to closed spaces like his kennel.

When blaze is told to go to his kennel he flat-out refuses. He will not budge no matter how much his owner tries to persuade him. He even groans sounds of displeasure to ensure his absolutely clear in his intentions. I found blaze’s reaction to be very funny.

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