This Dog Is VERY Picky About Her Food. Now Watch What Dad Does To Get Her To Eat!

Dogs are very emotive. Sometimes it can be very difficult for them not to show their emotions. It’s this behavior that makes us think that they have a lot in common with children. Kids also have a hard time suppressing their emotions.

Not that it’s a bad thing. Dogs remind us that life is about more than just existing, but that you have to find the time to have a little fun. This dog thinks that she should be having fun all the time, and she doesn’t want to have dinner.

When Dad tells her it’s dinner time, her objection is hilarious. Luna the Golden Retriever is a very picky eater and she’ll only eat food that is cooked. So dad has a dastardly plan. He puts the dog food in the oven to ‘cook’ then Luan gobbles it right up.

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