This Dog Roams Around A Nursing Home Every Day. Watch What She Does With The Residents!

Nala, the adorable teacup poodle, works wonders on these nursing home residents. She never received any formal training as a therapy dog; she just knows how to love! What she does for the residents is really no less than a miracle.

One day, Dr. Doug Dawson took Nala to his work place at the nursing home, in Minnesota. And from that very day on, Nala became the angel for everyone there.

Nala starts her day early, visiting everyone in the nursing home one by one. She makes her own schedule throughout the day, even riding elevator by herself! She mostly chooses the residents who need her the most and jumps on their lap and cuddles.

Watch cutie Nala prescribing love to these people. Tell us what you think about it in the comments section.

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