This Dog Stole The Yogurt Can From This Parrot. Wait Until You See What The Parrot Does Next!

When we get our hands on our favorite snack, we forget everything else and get devoured in it. We don’t even like to share it with anybody else. This unlikely pair in the video is in the same situation. But only problem is, they both like same snack but only one can of that favorite snack is left. What happens next? Nothing less than pure chaos and laughter!

At first this parrot was having his favorite snack, strawberry yogurt, all by himself. But moments later, his buddy behind him caught its smell and wanted to try it too. This dog slowly sneaked up to the parrot and stole the yummy yogurt can from him. Poor parrot was in a shock for a little while, but he was not one to give up that easily.

Watch this adorable fight between two buddies in the video. Wasn’t that hilarious? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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