This Dog Was A Bait Dog. She Was Found In A Terrible Condition, But Saved By This Amazing Woman!

For more than eight years now Hope for Paws has been rescuing animals that were suffering on the streets alone. This incredible rescue organisation shares many of their rescues with the world by YouTube. By doing so, they allow us to see just how bad the problem really is and allow us to do something about it.

This particular rescue is very difficult to watch because the dog was a bait dog. Bait dogs are used in dog fighting to increase the aggressiveness of other dogs. Most bait dogs die a horrible death.

Lisa Chiarelli spotted this dog wandering through the street. The dog was injured and bleeding so Lisa followed her until she collapsed. Then she put a call into Hope for Paws and stayed with the dog until they arrived. When the rescue team arrived they were able to get this dog the help that she needed.

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