This Dog Was Abused And Beaten. So He Kept Running To The Shelter For Help!

Dogs are amazing animals that give us their friendship without ever asking for anything in return. Everyone should love what dogs give us, but some people are just terrible. There are people out there who without any provocation, torture and abuse these animals. Just think about it makes me sick to my stomach.

On the flip side of that, there are individuals and organizations that go out and rescue dogs from situations like that. This video features a rescue of a little dog has had to fight and struggle every day of his life.

Little Emerson is a Papillion-Pomeranian. Over and over again the dog would run away and up at the shelter but every time the owners would come and pick up again. The last time that he ran away his owners just left there. With the help of the Annie Hart and Bill Foundation, Emerson found a loving home.

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