This Dolphin Swam Right Up To A Diver. You Never Believe Why. What An Amazing Video!

Rescue videos of their own genre on the Internet. They are always incredible and a pleasure watch. They help you to put your own life into perspective. They have all the elements of a proper fairytale.

The villain, who has put the animal into this terrible position; the victim, which is played by the animal; and of course everyone’s favourite the hero, which is played by a number of rescuers from all over the world.

Some of these people put themselves into danger in order to save these animals. And sometimes the animals seek out the rescuers. That’s what happened in this video. When Keller Laros was diving with his friends a bottlenose dolphin swam right up to him. He quickly saw that the dolphin had a fishing hook stuck in its fin, so he helped the poor dolphin out. This is an incredible video!

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