This Elephant Is Scared And Agitated So She Does Of This To Calm Him Down! Amazing!

Animals love music as much as we do. It is not only humans that are put to sleep by lullabies. This video shows that an elephant can succumb to slumber from a peaceful lullaby. Lek the caretaker puts this elephant to sleep with delightful lullaby.

Lek certainly has a beautiful voice. This elephant absolutely loves the sound of Lek seeing lullabies. As soon as Lek starts to sing, the elephant lies down and in a short amount of time is off the land of Nod.

Lek clearly loves this elephant. No one would go through the effort of doing this unless they loved this elephant. And the elephant clearly loves her back or he wouldn’t so easily sleep in her presence. Watch this beautiful video of an elephant getting put to sleep by a beautiful lullaby.

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