This Guy Asks The Husky If She’s Stupid. How She Responds Will Leave You In Hysterics!

There may be stereotyped as stupid, but dogs can be really intelligent creatures. The grey wolves that they descended from required incredible intelligence to be able to hunt in the cold icy conditions that they are native to. A lot of dogs just play ignorant because that’s what they’re owners want.

Huskies are not so far removed from their grey wolf ancestors. They are smart and cunning, more than capable of working in a team, and also renowned for their talkative behavior. Mishka the Husky became famous on the Internet because of her ability to say ‘I love you.’

She is back in this video and Dad is having some fun with her. He asked her some questions and she answers back dutifully. But when Dad asked her if she’s stupid her reaction had me rolling on the floor laughing.

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