This Heavenly ‘A Cappella’ Rendition Of ‘Stand By Me’ Is Music For The Soul

The power of someone’s voice is not something to be taken lightly. Swedish YouTuber, Julia Westlin, proves just how magical a person’s voice can be with her a cappella version of ‘Stand By Me.’ Many famous artists have covered the song, first performed by Ben E. King.

Julia starts the song off, and it sounds ethereal. The airy backup vocals create a whimsical feel for the song. It almost seems like heaven’s angels are singing. The harmonies are flawless and watching all the ‘Julias’ on screen is mesmerizing.

Julia changes between two beautiful dresses; one red and one white. Singer David MeShow joins her at one point, and he is dressed in a red shirt and black pants that compliment Julia’s dress. David adds some layers to the song with his bass vocals.

He doesn’t overpower Julia but adds to the intensity of the melody. They switch parts throughout the performance, but the editing is so well done that you always know who is singing. They sound amazing together, and this a cappella version will not disappoint.