This Husky Can Talk Better Than Most One-Year-Old Babies. This Video Is Hilarious!

A dog is an incredible addition to any family. Their attributes lend well to a complete family unit. They are excellent role models for children. Exemplars of loyalty, playfulness, and compassion. Dogs make our lives better.

This video features a world-famous dog who gained notoriety through Internet videos. Mishka the talking dog has been Internet sensations and her very first video. People love her and she’s been stealing hearts since the day she was born.

When dad tells Mishka that he loves her, her response is classic. This video is a crack up and well worth watching. Mishka loves to talk but she can occasionally be misunderstood, is not like she has human vocal chords after all, so dad has put some subtitles into the video to help you understand what Mishka is saying.

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