This is the ultimate guide on how to get rid of bed bugs fast and easy!

Has anyone you known ever had bed bugs? We often associate them with shady hotels or when we are traveling away from home. One reason that you may notice this problem more, is because you are probably more attentive to what is going on around you. You’re normally looking more closely at where you’re sleeping, and this is for many reasons.

We usually look at hotel sheets as if they were part of a murder case at CSI, but not many of us stop to think that we could have bed bugs right there at home. I don’t know if you have ever done the “UV light” thing on the sheets, but you don’t really need fancy equipment to find ordinary bed bugs at home. And the best of all is that it won’t take you an entire day to do it.

The common misconception is that bedbugs show up wherever there is dirt and grime. So, washing your sheets and comforters on a regular basis will help you prevent an infestation, right? Unfortunately, this is not at all true. What really attracts bed bug in the first place is carbon dioxide and warmth. So, you might want to give those sheets a second look.

I don’t know about you, but one of the trickiest things to leave behind you, is when you experience a situation with these pests. It can even get to a point when it is downright scary and very stressing. Of course, you can always hire professionals to come in and clean the house. After that, you will free yourself of bed bugs. The only problem with this is money. Who can even afford something like this?

In the following below, people share 12 different ways you can get rid of bed bugs and make sure that they will never show up again. Some of these methods are using a steam cleaner to eliminate them. Remember that extremely hot temperatures as those that can be reached under a steamer, provide the perfect solution for a form of sterilization that will help you get rid of them fast.

Another cool way of getting rid of them and bringing an awesome smell to your room is by using mint leaves. They will leave a very nice scent that will last you a substantial amount of time. Not many people know this, but mint is a natural bug repellent, so these bugs will be probably running before they figure out what hit them. Would you like to know what other answers you probably have in your own home for this problem?